Most insurance plans still require proof of medical necessity to reimburse for rehabilitation services. For that reason, it is prudent for patients to have a referral (prescription) for physical, occupational and/or speech therapy services. We ask that physicians fax a referral to our office, or send it directly with their patients for the initial evaluation.

Please contact our office managers, in Boone at (828) 268-9043, ext. 4 or in Linville at (828) 737-7520, with any questions regarding referrals and insurance.

As a courtesy, we will bill the patient's insurance for the therapy services provided. Because we are a hospital-based facility, insurances view us differently than private practice providers. In most insurance plans, charges for outpatient therapy services will go towards the deductible.

It is the patient's responsibility to determine if Cannon Memorial Hospital or Watauga Medical Center is in-network with your insurance plan. When inquiring about whether or not we are "in network" with your insurance company, please refer to us as Cannon Memorial Hospital or Watauga Medical Center. We can assist you with this process, if you have any questions.

Payment Arrangements
Patients will receive a bill from Cannon Memorial Hospital (Linville location) or Watauga Medical Center (Boone location), for payments due. If payment in full is not possible, a Patient Account Representative must be contacted to make payment arrangements. See contact information below.

Financial Assistance
Cannon Memorial Hospital and Watauga Medical Center provide financial assistance for patients in need. Verification of income and assets is required. To apply for financial assistance please call:¨Financial Counselor at (828) 262-4110. To be considered for financial assistance you must submit an application within 60 days of discharge from physical therapy.