As an ARHS director, EAP services have been invaluable to me. When I need EAP to help me navigate an employee crisis, Lisa and Kristin have been available to come at a moment's notice. You can't imagine what a good feeling it is to have them walk through the door knowing that both me and the employee are going to be taken care of. They have kept all situations confidential; both of them are truly caring, trusting, and compassionate. Lisa and Kristin really listen; they engage to fully understand any issues I've needed to discuss. But more important, I feel they are really here to serve as a "coach" to help me and our employees be better employees and better human beings. One of the greatest examples of the guidance they offer was with an employee whose behavior was causing dysfunction in the department. After working with EAP, the employee is now a role model in the department and I believe is truly a happier person. The support of EAP resources offers me the opportunity to do my job, which is to sometimes make the really tough decisions, but also to make the tough decisions in a very compassionate way. EAP is the best!

"I have been fortunate enough to work with EAP several times in the past few years when dealing with some difficult family issues. Each experience has been tremendously helpful; however, they have also helped my daughter deal with some traumatic issues in the past year. The best part is that they worked with both of us so that I can learn how to help her cope better when these issues arise." We are so fortunate to have such a compassionate, caring team available to us. They have certainly made a difference for me and my family."

I feel so blessed to have had EAP services available to me. The EAP helped me so much during an acute parenting dilemma that was consuming my thoughts and emotions, making it very difficult to focus on my job. Sometimes stress outside of work just has a way of creeping into your workday. It was so simple to schedule an appointment that fit with my schedule. By going to talk with someone at EAP, I was able to get the support I needed and get back to work. It took less than an hour to talk out my problem and I felt free to speak my mind without judgment. We met in a private office where I could vent and get some much needed guidance. We scheduled a follow up appointment and I got back to work with a clearer mind and a lighter heart about my issue. I would recommend their professional and confidential services to anyone.

Four years ago my husband was involved in a car accident which left him with Chronic Low Back Pain. Since then he has been unable to work and sometimes the pain gets so bad he stays in bed most of the day. Over time, the pain has engulfed his life taking a strong independent man and turning him in to a dependent man relying on others to do the things he once could do. This added more stress to the family. As the pain became more and more he became very depressed and lonely. There was a point in time where he became so depressed he felt useless, and sometimes he thought of harming himself. That is when we sought help thought the EAP. They have been a strong part of his treatment. He first started individual sessions and then we started going as a family. The EAP staff has gotten us through some rough times, providing support for my husband while I was working, and a place he feels safe to talk about anything. I know that I can call them anytime and they will be there for us. They have been there to celebrate the good and positive times too. I feel that if we did not have them, my husband would not be here and our family would be torn apart.

Here's some key points of why I appreciate and rely upon the EAP:

  • EAP provides individual & group education for targeted issues.
  • EAP provides staff coaching to position staff for success.
  • Proven success with team transitions to define roles.
  • Leadership Development - Crucial Conversations
  • Confidential
  • Respectful
  • Authentic