When You Arrive
Please check in at the admissions desk, located off the main lobby. It is essential that we have your current medical and financial information. Please bring the following:

  • Insurance card and/or policy
  • Medicare or Medicaid card
  • Social Security numbers of the patient and the insured
  • Driver’s licenses and/or photo ID cards of the patient and the insured
  • Emergency contact information
  • A list of your current medications, over-the-counter and prescription drugs, vitamins and herbals
  • Physician’s orders, if you have any
  • Your Advance Directives (living will, power of attorney, etc.)

Your ID Bracelet
As a patient, you will receive a special identification (ID) bracelet that states your name and hospital number, your physician’s name and other important information. Your ID bracelet will be checked often during your stay. Please wear it at all times to prevent delays with important lab tests, X-rays and various other tests and treatments.

If your ID bracelet is damaged or lost, please let your nurse know immediately.

If you have valuables, such as jewelry, credit cards and cash, please give them to a relative or friend to take care of during your stay. Store your contact lenses; eyeglasses, hearing aids and dentures in your bedside stand when not in use. Please don’t put them on your bed or food tray -- they may be damaged or lost. The hospital cannot be responsible for replacement of personal belongings.

Personal Belongings
To make your hospital stay as comfortable as possible, you should bring some of your personal belongings, such as:

  • Slippers & bathrobe
  • Toothbrush & toothpaste
  • Hairbrush or comb
  • Shampoo/hair care products and personal hygiene products
  • Denture care supplies
  • Eyeglasses and case
  • Small amount of cash for purchases such as the daily newspaper

Medications from Home
Please do not bring any medications (prescriptions, over-the-counter or illegal drugs) to the hospital. All medications you take while a patient here have been prescribed by your physician, are dispensed by the hospital pharmacy and administered by a trained professional. Patients are not permitted to administer their own medications or to keep personal medications, unless approved by their physician.

At Cannon Memorial Hospital and Watauga Medical Center, telephones are in patient rooms except the critical care areas.

CMH Calls
To place a local call from Cannon Memorial Hospital: Dial 9 + the number. Family and friends can call the patient’s room directly by dialing (828) 737-78 + the last two digits of your room number, except the CCU. You can also call the hospital’s main line at (828) 737-7000 and asked to be connected to the room number.

WMC Calls
To place a local call from Watauga Medical Center: Dial 7 + the number. Family and friends can call the patient’s room directly by dialing (828) 264- 4 + your three-digit room number (except in the Birthing Center and ICU. Calls to these two departments can be made by dialing (828) 262-4100 and the switchboard will connect you.).

To place a long-distance call at either hospital, you will need to use a calling card or a cell phone.

Foley Center Calls
At The Foley Center at Chestnut Ridge, all residents in the Rehabilitation and Assisted Living neighborhoods may be reached by calling 828-386-3300 and then entering # + the resident’s room number.  Callers may also press “0” and the operator will transfer them to the resident’s room.  To reach a long-term care resident by phone, please call 828-386-3300 and choose “0” to be connected to the operator.

Patient Meals
The Nutrition Services Department is dedicated to making your hospital stay as pleasant as possible. At Watauga Medical Center, we provide patients on regular, cardiac and diabetic diets with the option to select meals from our menu. Patients on other diets and those we serve at Cannon Memorial Hospital and The Foley Center will have the opportunity to share individual food preferences. A representative from Nutrition Services will visit your room to obtain your food selections or preference. We hope you enjoy your dining experience with us.

Wireless Internet Services
Wi-Fi is available at both Cannon Memorial Hospital and Watauga Medical Center. At Watauga Medical Center, log onto WMCWIFI; at Cannon Memorial Hospital, access CMHWIFI.

At each hospital, televisions are available in patient rooms. Patients are able to watch certain programming as provided by your local cable company. For long-term care residents at The Foley Center cable is available at no additional charge, but residents must provide their own television.

Please be considerate of others by keeping the television volume down and turning off your television at bedtime. Channel listings are located in the Patient Guide on page 14.

Tobacco Use
For the health, safety and well being of our patients, visitors and employees, the use of tobacco products is prohibited on all ARHS properties. This includes all the campuses of Appalachian Regional Healthcare System, including buildings, grounds, parking areas, walkways and vehicles. If you would like help to stop smoking, call 800-QUIT NOW.

Fire Safety
We periodically conduct fire drills. If you hear an alarm, stay where you are. In the event of an actual emergency, hospital staff will notify you.

Electrical Appliances
Please notify your nurse if you have brought in any electrical items from home, such as electric razors or radios.

Vending Machines
Vending machines offering beverages and snacks are located near the cafeteria in each facility. They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Mail and Flowers
Mail and packages will be delivered to you by a hospital volunteer. Any mail received after your discharge will be forwarded to your home address. Please note that flowers are prohibited in intensive care units. Outgoing mail may be taken to the nursing station or given to your attending nurse.