Appalachian Regional Healthcare System offers obstetrical care at both Cannon Memorial Hospital and Watauga Medical Center. Cannon Memorial Hospital is home to the New Life Center, while Watauga Medical Center is home to the Marchese Birthing Center.

In addition, Harmony, Center for Women's Health & Vitality, in Boone offers obstetrical and gynecological care to women in the area. Harmony is a member of Appalachian Regional Medical Associates (ARMA). The Baker Center for Primary Care handles delivers at Cannon Memorial Hospital.

Cannon Memorial Hospital - New Life Center
(828) 737-7860

Watauga Medical Center - John R. Marchese, MD Birthing Center
(828) 265-5029

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Harmony, Center for Women's Health & Vitality
(828) 268-8970

  • Beverly Womack, MD
  • Cecilia Grasinger, MD
  • Camile Andrews, DO
  • Carrington Pertalion, CNM
  • Lisa Stevens, CNM
  • April Greene, CNM

The New Life Center at Cannon Memorial Hospital and the Marchese Birthing Center at Watauga Medical Center provide spacious rooms designed to resemble a bedroom at home. Both facilities offer midwifery services as well.

The Centers provide care and support for families before, during and after the birth of their baby. The Birthing Center consists of nine LDRP (Labor, Delivery, Recovery, and Postpartum) rooms, a C-section suite and nurseries, while the New Life Center has four LDRP rooms and a nursery.

The Centers provide one-on-one nursing care to women in labor. Babies may remain in the room with their mothers after delivery, unless a medical condition requires care in the nursery. Family care of the newborn is encouraged, but nurses are always available to care for your baby should you need some uninterrupted rest.

We recognize that our patient's educational and emotional needs are just as important as their physical care. To support the breastfeeding mother and infant, and a lactation consultants or lactation educators are available. The nursing staff is also trained to assist with breastfeeding.