ARHS Receives NC Prevention Partners Red Apple Designation

Appalachian Regional Healthcare System (ARHS) comprised of Blowing Rock Hospital, Cannon Memorial Hospital, and Watauga Medical Center was recently awarded the title of “Red Apple Hospital” by the North Carolina Prevention Partners. The Red Apple program, part of the Healthier Food Environment initiative started by NC Prevention Partners, is outlined by 5 core Guidelines: Access, Pricing, Marketing, Employee Benefits and Education that all aim to make it easier for hospital employees and visitors to eat healthy.

To implement this initiative within ARHS, a Red Apple Task Force was developed. This Task Force is a multi-disciplinary group comprised of Executive Leadership, Nutrition Services, Employee Wellness, Volunteer Services/Career Pathways, and Corporate Communications.

Since its inception in July 2010, the Task Force has introduced many new and exciting things to ARHS cafeterias and vending:

  • ARHS Healthy Choice SymbolSeptember 2010:  The Taste of ARHS and the “Healthy Symbol” is unveiled.
  • October 2010:  Healthy Pick of the Day was introduced, giving guests and employees a new (and inexpensive!) way to make healthier choices in the cafeterias.
  • October 2010:  New pricing structure in ARHS cafeterias is launched – offering healthier items at discounted prices.
  • April 2011:  The Taste of ARHS Vending and the Healthier Vending launched – offering healthier snacking alternatives at discounted prices.
  • Coming in August!  Ala cart items in ARHS cafeterias will now have nutrition labels. It will be even easier for you to make informed, healthier choices while navigating the cafeteria.

As a community leader in promoting good health habits and helping people lead healthy lifestyles, ARHS wants to lead by example and show people that eating healthy is easier if you make healthy options available and make them easily identifiable. ARHS invites the community to come dine at one of our cafeterias and look for the healthy choice symbol in the cafeteria or at our vending machines for the healthier choices.