Career Pathways

The Appalachian Regional Healthcare System career pathways department provides multiple student experiences to those individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in healthcare.  Even though most people think only of nurses and physicians when considering a career in the healthcare field, opportunities abound in just a few of the following areas:

  • Radiology
  • Cardio Respiratory Therapy
  • Laboratory Sciences
  • Finance
  • Nutrition Services
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resources
  • Rehabilitative Therapies

As with nursing and physician practices, each of the areas listed above provide a wide variety of specialty focuses.  The career pathways department of ARHS offers multiple student experiences to individuals enrolled in partnering schools.

Shadowing/observing experiences are available for students through referral or requirement of their healthcare curriculum in a partnering school.  These educational experiences may be for one day only or up to forty hours.

An internship is an extended experience in practical applications of varying course curriculums.  It is through an internship that students gain "real world" experience and exposure to professional work behavior.  The career pathways department works closely with each student for their individual requirements and needs during their educational experience in an intern role.

Clinical experiences are also provided throughout ARHS.  These educational opportunities provide students with hands on experience with patients with the supervision of a clinical instructor from the partnering school and an ARHS preceptor/designee.

All student placements are arranged directly by the educational institution and the career pathways department of ARHS. Interested students whose schools do not presently have an agreement with ARHS are encouraged to discuss their interest with their schools.

The career pathways department of ARHS seeks to engage professional students in activities within their scope to enhance their learning experience. Please explore the links attached below to gain more information on a variety of healthcare career paths.  If you are interested in an educational experience within ARHS, please contact (828) 737-7538 for more information.


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