Appalachian Regional Medical Associates (ARMA) is a multi-specialty medical practice management corporation that employs local physicians, provides medical malpractice coverage and insurance contracting, as well as hires and maintains physician office staff. Because many physicians have no interest in being a small business owner, ARMA removes some of the challenges associated with operating a medical practice.

"By relieving the physicians of administrative duties, they have more time for patients and patient care," shared Chuck Mantooth, President of ARMA. "The entire practice is able to focus solely on the patients."

ARMA utilizes an electronic medical record system that allows patients of one ARMA practice to easily transition to another ARMA practice without having to fill out the same paperwork over and over. Electronic medical records can be used as a clinical tool to effectively manage the healthcare of a population and implement quality initiatives within that patient population.

Current members of ARMA include:

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